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Efficient HR Designed on Salesforce

Salesforce, Saas
Branding, Web Design, Design Systems

Flair, an All-In-One HR Solution purpose-built for Salesforce, was ready to break free from the dry and mundane world of traditional HR platforms. They envisioned a dynamic and playful brand identity that would make them stand out in the competitive HR tech landscape.

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Efficient HR Designed on Salesforce
Salesforce, Saas
Branding, Web Design, Design Systems

Reviving the HR Landscape

A transformative branding approach was the key to revitalizing Flair's identity and creating an exceptional user experience.

With a clear vision to revolutionize HR management, we embarked on a daring journey to craft a vibrant and playful brand that would breathe life into Flair, setting them apart as a beacon of creativity and excitement in the otherwise dry HR landscape.

An array of dynamic and playful shapes that capture the essence of Flair's vibrant brand identity.
Final logo - a captivating fusion of a dynamic symbol and a sleek wordmark.
Symbol use cases as app icon, favicon, and social media.

Web Design

Spectacular UI Design

In harmony with Flair's new branding and illustrations by Konpo, we embarked on the mission to transform their vision into a real, scalable website. From playful colors to sleek typography, every element ensured coherence and scalability across the website. The result? An immersive and dynamic digital experience that captivated visitors from the start!

UI elements, demonstrating a seamless integration with light and dark mode.

Design System

The Magic Behind the Scenes

To ensure scalability and consistency, we built a robust design system that served as the backbone of Flair's website. This comprehensive toolkit covered Fonts, Components, Buttons, Icons, Colors, Grid System and Shadows, harmonizing seamlessly to lay the foundation for future expansion.

Our design system empowered Flair to effortlessly expand their digital presence while preserving a cohesive brand experience. With every pixel, color, and element thoughtfully arranged, Flair's website became a symphony of creativity, delight, and design brilliance.

Custom icon set, showcasing custom icons with smoothed rounded corners for a sophisticated touch.

Evgenii Pavlov
CEO & Founder

Their communication is impressive. Also, they’re always willing to do better and eager to listen to us and change things accordingly — even more so than many of the larger companies. Overall, Konpo has gone beyond expectation.

We also made our own emojis! The team's slack is filled with them and we kind of love it.
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